Introduction to B.A. Masks


Thank you for your interest in our company and for taking time to visit!
BadAss Masks works very hard to give you an opportunity to express yourself on the field like no other company can.

Let me explain the simple process to get a Badass Mask.

We customize ANY mask off ANY helmet in ANY sport!!

First, you and I will communicate and decide on a design specifically for you (the athlete). I will then explain to you the cost of creating your preferred design.
You, then, will send us the mask from your helmet (This insures there will not be any issues with the fit after the customization is complete).
I will then transform your stock mask into a BadAss Mask!

Ship to:
BadAss Masks or B.A. Masks
2977 North Star Drive
Bartlett, TN 38134

Once I send you photos of the raw design on your mask and you approve, I will email a Paypal invoice to you (unless you have included payment with your mask). As soon as the invoice is payed, we will have your mask coated any color you need and shipped back to you.

Our turn-around time is 3-8 weeks. But there is a very good chance you will receive it much sooner than 8 weeks. Just let me know if you have a deadline and we will TRY to accommodate.

As of now, we have no masks in production. Each mask is hand built by me, Alan MacFerran, owner of BadAss Masks. I can adapt any of our designs that we have already created to any mask that you send us. At this time, there is not a process to certify custom, one-off facemasks. BAM is currently addressing this. Therefore, your customized mask will not have a certification, but that does not mean our masks don’t meet the certifying standards. If you have your own design, include it in an email and I will let you know how it will translate onto your mask.

The cost of our BadAss Masks vary according to how much work is required and the quantity of masks that are in your order.

Lastly, due to the amount of response and work load we have, I won’t be able to draw up any designs for you guys. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the raw design BEFORE I get I coated, I will replace the mask that you sent us, and you will not be charged anything.

Thank you!

BadAss Team

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  1. Austin Hubbard says:

    I’m going to be a senior next year and a leader on the field, I’m looking for something to distinguish that on the field.

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