We have recently gotten into the custom shoe/cleat game.  We are extremely interested in perpetuating what our Brand stands for with custom painted designs.

Our Brand focuses on clean and meaningful work that represents the player and his/her brand and focus.  We are NOT interested in copying other artists' designs, and we are NOT interested in cartoonish designs.

Please check out some of our designs below.  Contact us with your interest.

CHIDOBE AWUZIE, DB, Dallas Cowboys

I created this design for rookie (2nd round draft pick) Dallas Cowboy DB, Chidobe Awuzie.

THESE PAIR OF SHOES ARE THE MOST LIKED AND  RETWEETED  #mycausemycleats POST on TWITTER...EVER!  This is something I am extremely proud of!

This project focused on drawing attention to the kidnapping of 276 Nigerian school girls in Chibok, Nigeria in April 2014.  Today, 195 are still in captivity.

The theme is the Green and White Nigerian flag.  Red was added because it represents the color used in the grass roots effort to #bringbackourgirls.

I wrote the names of all 195 girls that have yet to come home.  Every name written created a connection between each girl and myself.... very powerful!

Garett Bolles, LT, Denver Broncos

These are a pair we did for Denver Broncos OL rookie; first round pick Garett Bolles.  This was his My Cause My Cleats request.  His organization he wanted representing was the National Center for Learning Disabilities.  We think this came out ok.  The NCLD was very involved in the design project.  We followed the NCLD's direction and are extremely proud of what they represented.

TOM KELLY, MLL Face-Off, Denver Outlaws

These are a pair that I created for a Major League Lacrosse All-Star.  It's a pretty cool color transition design with the player's number and team logo.

I call these our 'Splash' style.


Send us your cleats to change the colorway to match your team colors.  These pair were white with black details.  We changed these to match their youth Packers colors.