Finally, you have an opportunity to have a custom lacrosse facemask to match your style of play.

The process for custom lacrosse masks is different than ordering a custom lacrosse mask.  Since most lacrosse helmet manufacturers do not sell individual facemasks, there is not any facemask options for field lacrosse lid.

The customization process:

  1. Complete the order and payment process
  2. Print out your emailed receipt
  3. Ship us your mask or entire helmet along with your printed receipt.
  4. When we receive your package, we will begin the customization of your mask into this design.

Check out some of our styles that we have listed below.  We will be adding new styles to this page in the very near future.

Contact us if you ant a style that is not listed on this page yet.

We look forward to you becoming a member of our B.A. Mask family.



Our 'HYPE' mask was original design built as a project for ECD Lacrosse.  The project and design was a huge hit and we've created this design on several style helmets.

This style has an aggressive look with full coverage, yet still allows for good vision all over the field.




Our 'UNIVERSAL' mask was an original design that Universal Lacrosse and B.A. Masks collaborated on for an incredibly successful promotional campaign. 

This style has an aggressive look with partial coverage, which allows for great vision all over the field.




Our 'TIGER' mask is a design that we modeled after our TIGER football facemask design.

This style looks great on a lacrosse lid.  We were sure to design the teeth to look aggressive, but still allow for the typical visor hardware to fit properly.  Vision and weight is great for this model.




Our 'IKAIKA' mask is a design that our clients came up with.  IKAIKA is an extremely powerful name of Hawaiian origin that translates to 'WARRIOR'  This design definitely embodies this name and definition.

This design allows for standard visor clips and looks great on a lacrosse lid.  Vision and weight is great for this model.




Our 'TROJAN' mask is a mask that we built for All-Star MVP goalie, Scotty "Big Rig" Rodgers, with the Ohio Machine.  This mask may be the only thing that could make Scotty more intimidating than he already is.

This project garnered so much attention on social media that we decided there was a need for a lacrosse-specific Instagram account, @badasslax.

Vision and weight could be restrictive for some players, but the intimidation factor could overcome any other issues for certain players.




Our 'BANE' mask is a themed mask that looks clean and unique.  The original design was another project that we did for ECD Lacrosse as part of an extremely successful promotion.

Vision and weight is nearly a non-factor compared to a stock facemask.



ECD Lacrosse

"Our B.A. Masks have far exceeded our expectations. The designs are always perfect and the craftsmanship is always on point. I have recommended them many times and will continue to."

Greg Kenneally

President & Co-founder

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Universal Lacrosse Company

“BadAss Lax is the one and only. Best of the best. They were extremely patient and easy to work with throughout the entire process from start to finish. The mask was nothing short professional grade craftsmanship with attention to every detail we discussed. Our unreal mask came in right on time with a deadline for a planned marketing promotion that was extremely successful thanks to BadAss Lax!”

Corey Schimoler

Digital Media & Brand Management