We are the Originators

B.A. Masks (BadAss Masks) has been building one-off custom facemasks for all sports since 2012.  Whether its a custom project or a style that we've created in the past, we continue to meet the needs of our clients and have them looking and feeling like a BadAss!

We pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box with design ideas, projects, and products.

The B.A. Masks Brand is represented by a strong battle shield.  There are several aspects of our logo that were purposefully thought out and designed for.

  • The SHIELD is an obvious symbol for body armor and protection.  The color RED symbolizes POWER and LEADERSHIP.
  • The BORDER of the shield provides STRENGTH and ADDED DEFENSE to the wearer.
  • The SPIKES along the perimeter of the border signifies the AGGRESSIVE DETAILS that separate you from your competition
  • The 'BA' is BRANDED as inserts on the shield.  The stylistic letters also depict a simple, yet aggressive facemask.
  • We chose the color WHITE because of its contrast to the red shield.  This contrast allows all BADASSes to stand apart, and NOT blend in with your standard and typical opponents.

There are millions of welders in the world.  There are millions of equipment pros in the world.  There are millions of creatives in the world.  There are millions of entrepeneurs in the world... but there is only ONE brand that combines these four lifestyles...

Below is a diagram of how our logo expresses our brand.

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vert shield description